COAR - Italian Silver Jewelry and Silver Chains

COAR - Italian Silver Jewelry and Silver Chains


Coar was founded in December 1963, under the name of Aurum. Right from the beginning, it made a name for itself as a producer of the so-called "name tag bracelets", made up of hollow chains with nametags.

Later, the company enlarged its range, starting with solid and hollow rope chains, soon distinguishing itself as one of the top manufacturers. In the beginning the company business was split between gold and silver. The company later concentrated 90% of its core business in silver products.

Aurum evolved over the years, first becoming Coar snc, and then into the company structure that exists today, with CDI (Coar Distribuzione Internazionale), the operations wing of the company that is specialised in the production and sale of chains, and Coar 56AR which is the financial and administrative wing.

The company currently distributes its products in North and Central America, Brazil, Eastern Europe, France and the Far East. It takes part in the most important trade fairs in its sector, including those in Arezzo, Vicenza, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

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